Bret Cohen, Percussion & Voice

Matt Davis, Guitar

Lara Brodsky, Cello & Voice


The rhythms, melodies and stories belong to all of us. We are encouraged to create because it is valuable to the community, engaged in the present with you.

Your support enables us to share the music as a gift, releasing recordings as part of the cultural commons and offering donation based public concerts. This approach is inspired by the ideas of people like Charles Eisenstein, Daniel Suelo, and other individuals living in the gift. 

Kamala is inspired to be sharing the music in this way. If you feel moved to become a forward propelling part of this project you can do so at this here.


A contemporary classical ensemble born primarily from the lineages of African, Indian, western classical, and jazz music, Kamala is a connection to the interdependent, abundant universe surrounding us.

Repeating for extended periods of time melodies and rhythmic patterns, energy is carried like a wire plugged into a wall. These currents contain feelings, experiences, and knowledge; who feels them knows them.

Many cultures have used these techniques to create a state of trance and social connection through ritual. Accessing intuition and collective consciousness through improvisation, the vibrations harmonize the body and mind, bringing people into unified frequencies with each other.